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Food Name Preparation Portion Kilojoules Calories
abalone Raw 100g 410kj 98cal
Appel Raw 100g 245kj 59cal
appeltizer Raw 100ml 208kj 50cal
Apricots Raw 100g 201kj 48cal
Asparagus canned Raw 100g 101kj 24cal
Baby Marrow Raw 100g 85kj 20cal
Bacon, Like-it-Lean Back Raw 100g 1667kj 398cal
Banana Raw 100g 384kj 92cal
Banana Bread Cooked one slice 750kj 179cal
Boerewors, Fried or Grilled Cooked 100g 1658kj 395cal
Brandy Raw 1 tot / 25ml 249kj 60cal
Broccoli Raw 100g 101kj 24cal
Cabbage cooked with Potatoes and Onions Cooked 100g 347kj 83cal
Cabbage Raw shredded Raw 100g 99kj 26cal
Cabbage Red boiled Cooked 100g 87kj 21cal
Calamari Deep Fried Cooked 100g 1292kj 308cal
Calamari Rings in Batter, frozen (I&J) Raw 100g 889kj 212cal
Cane Spirit Raw 1 tot / 25ml 247kj 59cal
Carling Black Label Raw 340ml 557kj 133cal
Carrots Raw 100g 181kj 43cal
Carrots boiled Cooked 100g 188kj 48cal
Carrots candied Cooked 100g 754kj 180cal
Castle Lager Raw 340ml 570kj 136cal
Castle LITE Raw 340ml 438kj 105cal
Cauliflower boiled Cooked 100g 102kj 25cal
Champagne Raw 100ml 311kj 74cal
Cheddar Raw 100g 1722kj 410cal
Chicken Boiled, light and dark meat without skin Cooked 100g 741kj 177cal
chicken breast meat only grilled Raw 100g 622kj 148cal
Coca Cola regular Raw 100ml 172kj 41cal

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